Ryan MacGibbon

The HoneyMag Hive: Coat It in Paint

Posted in Uncategorized by ryanmacgibbon on April 17, 2009

By Ryan MacGibbon

The floorboards look like overalls with patchwork. The wood grain is gnarled, remedied but overdosed with layers of paint. A large print propped against the wall behind the reception desk reads, “honeymag.com. A breeze carries the bustle of SoHo through wide white arched windows. I lounge and wait for Amy Rollo.

Gorgeous, dark skinned, long-legged women roam productively through the office. Fair skinned, pint-sized Amy greets me as she exits the conference room. We settle down at her desk and she gives me a tour of honeymag.com. Honeymag is a hip, urban fashion/gossip online magazine. She’s the art director. I’m out of my element, but I’m here for the graphic design.



She needs to make a button to link readers to their twitter page. Flying through folders with a wireless Mac mouse, she opens Photoshop and pulls up a template. She shades the bottom with a saturated light blue. Bright white fades down from the top edge. Her summer intern arrives, suspending the work.

She looks like she already works here—long legged, dark skinned. Her art is also well aligned. She passes around a clean looking media package. A large-legged woman, stopping on her way out, recommends brightening the layout with more color and swapping the photographs for seductive and smiling expressions, swift advice and then her departure. The intern leaves soon after.

Amy returns to the button creation. She adds a “twitter-bird” to the extended rectangular template. It gestures with its wing at text reading, “are we twitter bff’s? follow me.” With a few more rapid fire movements through cyberspace, the button is sent off to be laid into the website.

She begins to take me through the new layout. My mind wonders and wanders. This would be a scene to paint. What fine figures. They deserve the color rich medium. Amy starts to put together her visual bio of favorite things. Will we now always be digital or will the future of graphic design find paint?


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